Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest can be anything potentially interfering with, or that could be perceived as interfering with, full and objective peer review, decision-making or publication of articles submitted to Nature-Nuture Journal of Psychology(NNJP). Personal, financial, and professional affiliations or relationships can be perceived as conflicts of interest.

All authors and members of Nature-Nuture Journal of Psychology(NNJP) Editorial Boards are required to disclose any actual and potential conflicts of interest at submission or upon accepting an editorial or review assignment.

Nature-Nuture Journal of Psychology(NNJP) review system is designed to guarantee the most transparent and objective editorial and review process, and because the handling editor’s and reviewers' names are made public upon the publication of articles, conflicts of interest will be widely apparent.

Failure to declare competing interests can result in the rejection of a manuscript. If an undisclosed competing interest comes to light after publication, Nature-Nuture Journal of Psychology(NNJP) will take action in accordance with internal policies and Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines.

Anything that can be perceived as a potential conflict of interest should be disclosed within the statements section, during submission. A conflict of interest statement will be automatically generated, included in the generated PDF file for peer review, and in the final publication version of the article.