Submit your manuscript

Submit your manuscript

Submission guidelines

Our 3-step submission process

1.     Before you submit

Now you’ve identified a journal to submit to, there are a few things you should be familiar with before you submit.

  • Make sure you are submitting to the most suitable journal
  • Make sure your manuscript is accurate and readable
  • Understand the copyright agreement

2.     Ready to submit

To give your manuscript the best chance of publication, follow these policies and formatting guidelines.

  • General formatting rules for all article types
  • Make sure your submission is complete
  • Copyright and license agreement
  • Read and agree to our Editorial Policies

3.     Submit

After acceptance, we provide support so your article gains maximum impact in the scientific community and beyond.

Please note that manuscript can only be submitted by an author of the manuscript and may not be submitted by a third party. 

  • Who decides whether my work will be accepted? - Peer-review policy
  • Open Journal System (OJS) submission guidelines


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