Submission checklist

Submission checklist

Please Read Carefully,

  1. Do NOT make a new submission for a manuscript which has been submitted previously. All revised articles and corrections should be submitted using the original Login ID generated upon first submission.
  2. Ensure that the following 3 documents are in hand and complete before submitting a manuscript:
    a. Cover Letter
  3. Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  4. Analysis Output file
  5. Complete submission form
  6. plagiarism report

 Supporting Documents

Ensure that you have the following supporting documents prepared before you attempt to submit the manuscript.

Obligatory Document 1: Cover Letter

A cover letter is an obligatory supporting document, without which the Fjsmanager will not upload and accept the manuscript.

A cover letter should be kept succinct and include the following information:

  • An introduction stating the title of the manuscript
  • The reason why your study is important and relevant to Nature-Nurture Publisher (NNP) readership
  • A statement that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication in any other journal. Do declare if it had been submitted elsewhere previously but rejected, withdrawn or anything else, with due explanation.
  • A statement that all authors approved the manuscript and its submission to the journal.
  • An explanation of any issues relating to Nature-Nurture Publisher (NNP)  policies
  • A declaration of any potential conflict of interests, including disclosures of previously presented abstracts
  • A declaration of any funding sources

Acceptable formats for cover letter include: docx or pdf.

Obligatory Document 2: Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Ethical approval of research in the form of letters from the institutional ethical review committee (ERC), or any other relevant form of ethical approval is mandatory for all manuscripts submitted to Nature-Nurture Publisher (NNP). The only exceptions to this rule include letters to the editor based on some new information. For letters, review articles etc, upload an MS Word document stating the reason for exception to the rule. Note that this method of bypassing the system would not be accepted in cases where ethical approval is mandatory. The manuscript will be reviewed by the technical team and will be returned to the authors.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has prepared Publication Ethics guidelines for all its approved Journals. Nature-Nurture Publisher (NNP)  journal follows these guidelines.

Acceptable formats for ethical approval of research include: docx or pdf.

Obligatory Document 3: Submission Form

Download the submission statement form from website.

This form can be typed on and saved before taking a print-out. It is preferable to fill out the form in type. Alternatively, the form may be printed and handwritten. The form has to be signed by ALL authors. Electronic signatures are not acceptable. After printing and signing the form (by hand), it can be scanned and sent to


Ensure that the form has been filled correctly and completely. Incomplete forms will result in return of the manuscript and will cause delays in processing.

Ensure that you have the following information in hand while filling out the form:

  • Details of the contributions made by each author
  • List of disclaimers if required
  • List of possible conflict of interests for disclosure
  • List of possible sources of funding for disclosure
  • Details regarding all authors including:
    • Full names of all authors
    • Email addresses of all authors
    • Phone numbers of all authors
    • Full current affiliation of all authors